• Maki Nakamura

    Why Directors Must Own Sustainability

    by , Issue: September/October 2021

    It’s time for corporate boards to expand their role because achieving sustainability involves shifting strategies and business models to capitalize on opportunities.

    To Metaverse or Not to Metaverse isn’t the Question

    by Issue: March/April 2022

    Despite the hype, metaverse marketing isn’t a fad that brand strategists can ignore. Here are 6 mistakes to avoid when entering the emerging virtual world marketplace.

    How Bipolar Disorder Helped Teach Me Good Governance

    by Issue: January/February 2022

    Anyone who leads an organization has issues that can potentially hamper success, so it’s time to eradicate the stigma surrounding mental health.

    Metaverse or Metaworse

    by Issue: March/April 2022

    Mark Zuckerberg’s brave new world sounds cool—but regulators need to recognize it is being designed by the Facebook culture responsible for creating major social issues

    What I Learned as a CEO

    by Issue: March/April 2022

    With three stints as a corporate leader under his belt, retired Newfoundland businessman Keith Collins offers advice on how to helm an organization
    Tom Merton

    Navigating Change

    by , Issue: November / December 2021

    Successfully leading change is always a challenge, but it is a lot easier if you first break the deadly cycle of mutual dismissal
    Tom Sibley

    Planning an Employee Recall? Well, Good Luck with That

    by , Issue: November / December 2021

    Employment law generally supports back-to-the-workplace policies, but implementing them still requires managing resistance and mitigating risks

    How to Maintain Productivity (and Employees) in the New Normal

    by Issue: May / June 2022

    The traditional working world was lost to the pandemic, so move forward by focusing on employee output and value rather than where and when people work