• Maki Nakamura

    Why Directors Must Own Sustainability

    by , Issue: September/October 2021

    It’s time for corporate boards to expand their role because achieving sustainability involves shifting strategies and business models to capitalize on opportunities.
    Carlos Sanchez Pereyra

    Plugging in Canada’s EV Ecosystem

    by Issue: November / December 2021

    If Canada wants to lower GHG emissions by building an electric-vehicle ecosystem, it needs to seriously address skilled-labour issues
    Wes Hall

    BlackNorth Rising

    by Issue: July / August 2021

    Bay Street power broker Wes Hall talks about fighting systemic racism, offering practical advice on how corporate Canada can achieve generational change.
    Tom Merton

    Navigating Change

    by , Issue: November / December 2021

    Successfully leading change is always a challenge, but it is a lot easier if you first break the deadly cycle of mutual dismissal

    Moving Beyond Window Dressing on EDI

    by , Issue: July / August 2021

    The jury is still out on whether the corporate world has what it takes to really embrace equity, diversity, and inclusion. Here is how to walk the talk.
    By Malte Mueller

    Hasta La Vista, Unvaccinated Employees?

    by , Issue: September/October 2021

    The popularity of mandatory vaccination policies may be on the rise, but implementation poses significant legal risks that need to be mitigated.