• Rally Held At Harvard University In Support Of Affirmative Action After Supreme Court Ruling

    Designing Corporate DEI Initiatives in Wake of US Affirmative Action Ruling

    by , Issue: September/October 2023

    Why US decision in Students for Fair Admissions doesn’t signal an end for affirmative action and invites reflection on global equity practices

    Understanding Canada’s New Forced-Labour Law

    by , et al.Issue: September/October 2023

    When Bill S-211 comes into force next year, businesses need to be prepared for it to have more teeth than critics predict
    3 Steps to Resilience Through Innovation - Ivey Business Journal

    3 Steps to Resilience Through Innovation: a CEO Lens

    by , et al.Issue: July/August 2023

    Why organizations seeking resilience should emulate biopharmaceutical companies that embrace cutting-edge technologies and risk-taking to address unmet patient needs
    The Not-so-scary Truth About AI - Ivey Business Journal

    The Not-so-scary Truth About AI

    by Issue: July/August 2023

    Despite all the Terminator scenarios, many commercial applications of artificial intelligence are really just an essential business tool

    MindGeek’s Risky ESG Makeover

    by Issue: May / June 2023

    Why Canada’s Ethical Capital Partners should read the Ivey Business School case study on Bay Street’s rejection of Ashley Madison

    Managing Partnership Misfits

    by , et al.Issue: May / June 2023

    Why the ability to anticipate stakeholder misalignments is key to entrepreneurial success, but tragically underdeveloped

    The Key to a Great Keynote


    Why thought leaders and subject matter experts should think again if they see themselves as natural public speakers who don’t need coaching
    Enhancing Scenario Planning with AI

    Enhancing Scenario Planning With AI

    by Issue: May / June 2023

    Why ChatGPT can be a strategic planning consultant’s new best friend—if they are willing to adjust their value proposition